Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muscoot Farm Westchester New York

In full bloom.
A quick trip to a farm nearby. Just a couple of miles from the cozy town of Katonah, NY and maybe even Somers, NY.

A beautiful setting with rolling rocky hills.

Wow, there are cows in New York!
Not uncommon where I've lived the past 8 years.

A very proud pig... very large too.

Five little piglets wandering about. They kept getting stuck on the wood step, high-centered, pretty cute and funny to watch.

A Good Morning

Beginning at 6am
Cool air, no breeze, warm sun and some good coffee in my Father's old coffee mug from long ago.

A little color for starters... a little life.

What to do with something new

Black and White


Color (watercolor, crayon, marker, colored pencil...)?

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Prize in my Cereal Box

You can imagine my surprise when I opened this cereal box and found these strange markings. I would have felt better about the $6.00 I spent if I knew there were cool markings inside... that's worth the six bucks! totally!