Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back in the Game

It's been six months since I've been able to write anything. I took on another job beginning in June of 09, and have only had time to create. Finally, after six months of working long hours for others, I've found the time and energy to create and write to you about it.
This series of stripes was created in the month of May 09, just before my responsibilities increased dramatically. Starting with a pencil line sketch and adding color with watercolor paint to help bring my visions to life. I see these works as meditative pleasures... maybe more pleasure for myself, but hopefully for others. When you look at them, and let your eyes and mind begin to evaluate the arrangement of color, line and texture, you'll see certain shapes jump forward, others move back and around to front again. A whole universe within simple lines and color emerge.
There is plenty of room for interpretation, but it is left to you to make the connections, follow the lines and determine the outcome within yourself. Each piece is 'finished' by each viewer... in a different way.
Look at these lines. Is this unfinished, or 'in progress'?... maybe the empty space is there for a reason. Now focus on the green area. Moving up from the bottom, are the colored shapes (lines) pushing forward, or in front of the green? Is there any implied movement? Where are the defined shapes? Are they shapes joining together, or falling apart? Where does your eye take you?

There may not be anything profound about these pieces, nothing revolutionary... but when I take the time to gaze onto the paper with these lines and color, I feel a peace that is necessary for happiness and sanity.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoy the Dance

Continued from Lost to Convenience

Temperatures this Spring have been mild, with a few Hot and Sunny days. Leaves are out in full force and the mowers are humming in the neighborhoods. I'm drawn to the Southern view looking down the Hudson River towards New York City. The Tappan Zee Bridge connecting the Eastern and Western banks and a 'retirement complex' where I would not mind landing in my older years.

Away from the River and down the stone trail several 'black-leaf' trees stand in contrast to the monotony of the 'green-leaf' neighbors. The gentle hand of the wind is seen in the low lying field as it persuades the long grass to dance. The song will soon be over as the humming motors approach, enjoy the dance.

©scott garrette 2009

Lost to Convenience

I sometimes forget how much time I spend inside thinking about all the things I want to do.

My 6 year old daughter asked to go to the park with the "twisty" trees. Friday afternoon, no other obligations... Let's go. After the half-hour drive South and a bit West, we're there. My favorite outdoor spot to date in Westchester Co., New York. The kids wake up from the road trance and put on their curiosity and excitement. I... get my camera and tune out the days' worries. The vegetation is tall from all the rain this Spring. Soon, it will be slashed and thrown to the ground and the simple beauty will be lost to convenience.

to be continued...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silence and Fog

A view from inside the clouds
covering the ground
and reaching up into the sky.
Leaves of trees are covered
with dots of water
as they awake from their slumber.
And when the sky is not blue
the green signs of life
rule this landscape,
filling the empty page with color.
Silence comes
when the clouds touch the ground,
as if the land
is under water.

©scott garrette 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Roll with it

A good morning for painting.

Started out with the struggle of not knowing what to do. Sat down to draw on the computer, nah. Maybe I'll do some work and research, nah. Watch a show online, browse FB or Twitter... NO!

I'm beginning to appreciate the portability and spontaneity of watercolor. No need to squeeze paint out that will inevitably dry when the days responsibilities awake. Such a simple setup and cleanup. It's great to have options.

I've been working to control my color impulse, the desire to add more and more different colors. It's good to have control, even when I'm preventing a desired action. It's a good example of living life on arts terms.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making Lemonade

I'll take these lemons, and their sour sting
add some sugar to make it sing
maple syrup hits the spot
with that smooth brown nectar from the tap
Bring me more and I'll set up a shop
and make them into the next things hot
with the cold chill and refreshing sting
I will make these lemons sing.

©scott garrette 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muscoot Farm Westchester New York

In full bloom.
A quick trip to a farm nearby. Just a couple of miles from the cozy town of Katonah, NY and maybe even Somers, NY.

A beautiful setting with rolling rocky hills.

Wow, there are cows in New York!
Not uncommon where I've lived the past 8 years.

A very proud pig... very large too.

Five little piglets wandering about. They kept getting stuck on the wood step, high-centered, pretty cute and funny to watch.

A Good Morning

Beginning at 6am
Cool air, no breeze, warm sun and some good coffee in my Father's old coffee mug from long ago.

A little color for starters... a little life.

What to do with something new

Black and White


Color (watercolor, crayon, marker, colored pencil...)?

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Prize in my Cereal Box

You can imagine my surprise when I opened this cereal box and found these strange markings. I would have felt better about the $6.00 I spent if I knew there were cool markings inside... that's worth the six bucks! totally!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Black & White

Pencil and paper. Start with a line
A square might be nice, or seven plus nine.
Break up the space, look at those shapes.
A dream world for all in one place.

Follow the story, please take the time
to look at a line sketched out, of mine.

©scott garrette 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stomping Ground

Mid morning walk about.
Exploring the area.

I've not seen these waters when it's warm.
As I drive the perimeter I wonder...
If all of these houses on the lake have
a dock, and all of the docks have a boat,
how do they all fit?

There are some amazing properties here.
The hills are awesome here, can't wait
for all the leaves to come out.

Traffic hums by aggressively at times on the windy lakeside road.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Telling Stories

Through the sliding Glass Door
I step and look up
into the nights sky
and see the stories drawn
in the darkness

Like street lights in the distance
make clear the pathway
make audible the sounds
of the spheres as they spin

In that darkness speak
through soft tones
of the stories drawn
by the light

©scott garrette 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out the back door

Just beyond the back door of the house in Raymore, MO where I once lived, sits a lonely field. Development swallowed it's neighbors to the East and North and on it's Western border is 71 HWY. It won't be long before this peaceful pasture of the past becomes a street, a lawn and a building site.

Within one square foot of this peaceful land I found hundreds of beautifully inspiring natural arrangements.

One day these images will be the only reminder of what once was... a visual eulogy.

I sat and watched through the lens of my camera as the wind blew this plant into and out of focus while snapping shots in different locations... frozen movement.

to the west

A place I will not soon forget.

©scott garrette 2009