Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RSVP - Today's Creations - from July 2010

A while back, I started drawing on whatever I could get my hands on, that had a nice clean surface. I needed something readily available, with consistent qualities as well as accepting of multiple mediums... I guess those $4.00 plus boxes of cereal have another use beyond holding the puffed wheat pieces (gold) in a nicely transportable shape for mass consumption, and the aftermath, when the little pieces of gold are gone and all that remains goes to the garbage, or the more politically correct, re-cycling bin.
Then the work begins. With vigor the scissor cuts off the excess fiberboard material, a vision is seen, add pencil and let sit for Days... stacked upon and underneath other like drawings.
When time becomes available, after several weeks of tiring work at the Day Job/s, apply the paint, dry and add colored pencil. Then return to before mentioned stack for complete saturation of desire. This step infers a future maturity of the work and of the individual, but there's a lot to be said for good-intention!
Cut wood to different sizes to fit... apply fiberboard to wood, determine orientation and return to stack, or possibly paint and seal.
Cut prints from my design work and photography into strips, squares, circles, or any other shape necessary. Other materials may be gathered and cut as available.
Apply strips of color (cut prints,...) using LOTS of glue, to the board to finish the space and texture it up. It's OKAY to get sloppy or a little OCD for this step. Be sure to have several pieces-in-progress available for this part, as it's fun and hard to stop.

Paint and varnish may be applied anytime during the process.
Is this the end?...............