Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inside the Creation of One of My Drawings - Far From This Land

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Far From This Land -  Made using up-cycled fiberboard, gouache paint, latex paint as the primer, prismacolor colored pencil, and graphite pencil.  

I began using up-cycled fiberboard a few years ago after my kids opened their Christmas presents.  There were many clothing gift-boxes laying around and as I was cleaning up I looked and saw a wonderful surface for drawing and painting.  It's thicker than paper, so it won't warp as much when I paint on it.  Another part I like is the raw and unfinished edge created when I cut off the pieces I don't want to use.  
My routine starts by collecting several boxes I want to use.  Once I have enough, I'll cut the excess off and begin priming, usually taking up a day of my creative time (I work full-time and have to schedule my creative time when I can.)  After that, I'll take a stack of primed boards and start drawing with pencil, usually just an outline, or sketch.  From there it's what the piece feels like it should be, or look like.  

Far From This Land started with a gouache paint wash over the pencil drawing.  From there I began to add the detail with prismacolor colored pencil.  I LOVE these pencils!!!  They do everything I want from a pencil.

Decisions, decisions...  What to do next...
What should I leave, and what should I change...?

This part of the process is one of my favorites.  I often find this time to be very meditative for me.  These decisions I make on the drawing I equate to the decisions I make in my life.  I choose the colors I want my life to be and the mood or feeling I want to express and feel.
I like the expression "Live Life on Art's Terms."
This is where I am conscious of the decisions I'm making and that they are "painting" my life's picture.

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 This last shot is just before it's done, the final product is at the top of the post.

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