Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Life - the game, the art, the creation...

This topic seems a little deep, and maybe it is. Thoughts about life can also be fun, like a game. "The Game of Life" by Milton Bradley, is what inspired these thoughts today. Taking chances, strategy, getting to the end and avoiding mishap

What I'm most interested in is the ability to control my life and the outcomes. By control, I mean deal with and handle in the most positive and constructive (creative) way possible (at the time.) To navigate the game board without regret. I feel that I am creating my life, like a painting, by choosing how to navigate through certain events that come my way. Except, unlike a blank canvas, I have been given a "work-in-progress" a collaboration of sorts. I am certainly not alone in the painting called my life. Whether alone or not, it doesn't really matter, I still am responsible for choosing how to respond to events in my environment, or how to continue creating. Creating is a form of control, and in some, or many ways, Art is like life.

to be continued...

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