Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sculpted Wire Pendant Necklaces

I've just developed a new line of Pendants featuring my handmade polymer clay beads. Sculpting with wire has been one of my favorite art forms for some time. I remember visiting the National Gallery in Washington, DC, and seeing a Calder exhibition... Wow!!! I was totally inspired. I've been twisting wire since.
Now, I've found a way to use my handmade polymer beads WITH sculpted wire... Check out my Etsy shop ( www.scottgarrette.etsy.com ) to see some Sculpted Wire Pendant necklaces and more...


  1. Oh, I really like that pink one! The elegance and simplicity speak to me!

  2. Dear Scotte,

    As you have named clay as one of your interests on your blog, you might like to visit by website and/or my tutorial blog:




    Barry John Scott