Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shut the Alarm

So i set my alarm
and wait for it to go
I just can't sleep
is that the sun
I'll go out and sit
and write down my thoughts
pour another coffee
turn that tv off
i can't understand
all the noise in my head
what does it say
this or that way
there comes a dense fog
and the curves in the road
are not marked

another bomb three more dead
all this noise in my head
sing me that song
little cricket
above all others
let me hear your voice alone

let's get another opinion
of how things could best be done
just fill my eyes
and flood my ears
with your singing voice
tear down the structure
rebuild your home
and throw out all of the collections
of dirt and grime
that have collected your wealth
and soiled your clothes
bring back those primal ears
and shut the alarm

©scott garrette