Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tree with a Thousand Stories

There's a park on the Eastern shore of the Hudson River at the end of the road where the river is at it's widest. Just to the South spreading out across the water with all of its legs and pavement stands the Tappan Zee Bridge.

The view to the Western shore welcomes me each visit to the park and prepares me for the wonderful experience ahead.

The Tree with a Thousand Stories is just around the bend right off the stone path.

From here the adventures begin. With the cold of Winter nearing its end this strange and magnificent tree stands tall stretching out each of its limbs and branches twisting, curling and even digging down into the earth and out again several feet away. A single limb coming out from the trunk reaches straight out, bends down and spreads some more. This limb is strong as though it was there a hundred years before.
The markings are a testament of its old age. As far as hands can reach and legs can climb the markings can be seen of past lovers and friends or the lonesome stranger.


  1. I'm wondering
    if trees are so into infliction of pain...

    oh-yes- cu-m-right-there-mak-m-bleed kind thing


    Awesome work
    I'm a self taught too

  2. Yeeah, probably hurts, not as bad as a chainsaw :)

  3. I love this post! A story being told...